The Fomorians: Spawn of Chaos and Old Night

Fomorians are amphibious demon creatures from the watery, underworld realm of Lochlann. For a long time the realm of Goria lay above Lochlann, and neither landís folk were aware of the otherís existence, but when the Sidhe went to war with the Fir Bolg, the foundations of Goria were cracked and splintered and Lochlann seeped upwards to mingle with the land above. The dank waters of Lochlann brought up the Fomorian brigands and their weird and vicious servant creatures to trouble the world of Goria. The most common Fomorian creatures are orcs and goblins, but other exotic and disturbing creatures also walk amongst them including the frenzied beastmen and the strange and alluring sirens. They also have a number of demonic beasts to serve as war mounts and so on, for example the ugly and fierce blood reavers.
The demons of Lochlann live in a brutal and unenlightened society built on unadulterated principles of survival of the fittest. When they arenít on the warpath raiding the settlements of other races, Formorians are usually slaughtering one another. The weak are tyrannised and enslaved by the strong in the various petty chiefdoms of the Fomorians, and those that arenít any use as slaves are eaten by the warriors or fed to their beasts. Fomorian life is unforgiving and harsh and death commonplace, so it fortunate for the Fomorians as a people that the spawning caverns of L
ochlann churn out seemingly endless swarms of fresh fodder for the armies and the slave pits.
occupy the centre of Goriaís continental landmass, a low lying area where Lochlann has seeped up to turn the plains and Sidhe settlements that were once there into dismal, stagnant marshes, out of which ruined towers jut like the bones of drowned cattle. Beneath this great desolation is a honeycomb of semi-submerged tunnels and caverns which lead all the way to Lochlann and spread out beneath Goria, where they act as highways for the seething demon hordes in the darkness. Using this network the Fomorians can attack anywhere that there is a substantial inland watercourse, particularly around lakes, marshes, or caves that lead to underground rivers.
The Fomorians favourite tactic is to attack in a great horde, orcs relying on their numbers to overwhelm the enemy. Accompanying them on the charge are the beastmen. Within this great press of demon flesh though, there is room for some strategy. The low cunning of the Fomorian commanders often leads them to use blood reavers as flankers and to protect the more valuable warriorsí advance with weak and disposable goblins. The shamans of the Fomorians can also call upon the mists, oppressive rain and dank vapours of Lochlann to aid them, making battlefield conditions hazardous for other races and protecting friendly models from the archers of the enemy.